One of the first steps toward creating a one-of-a-kind product is crafting the vision, and Eyecatch can help. Our top-notch creative team possess the ability to see a masterpiece where others only see a photograph. We are proud to offer many beautiful products by top-of-the-line retailers. All of our products are chosen with utmost care to give you the best quality and attention to detail. Here are just a few of the items we are pleased to offer:

Eyecatch Art Books:

Coffee Table Books (beautiful press printed art books designed specifically for you): A true keepsake, your book is sure to visually delight and captivate anyone who sees it.

Our professional photographers shoot your wedding in a photojournalist style that portrays the unique story of your wedding day. Then your story is unfolded as our photographers work with you and our designers to create a custom designed art book that captivates your true personality.

And we don’t stop there. Our goal is to develop a relationship with you, bringing back the idea of a family
photographer that can be with you through all of the seasons of your life. How about a book featuring a
day in the life of your dog… or an ABC book starring your children? We create distinctive pieces of art in
coffee table book form that tell your family’s story and will be handed down for generations to come.
We are a full-service photography and design firm interested in your story and celebrating your life.
Ask about the different varieties of books that are available.

Eyecatch Flushmount Books:

Lay Flat Books (unique, superior-quality heirloom albums): These books have no visible seams and lie completely flat, enabling two facing pages to appear as one. This is not your typical album with photo openings, but rather a visual narration designed to accentuate your best photographs. Designed in the same high-quality manner as our coffee table books, flush mount books are printed on satin photographic paper and bound with the following special and distinctive features that have matched our high-quality standard:

  • Meticulous page finishing: The pages, which are printed on actual photographic paper, have gilded edges and rounded corners which display the book’s handmade quality
  • Lie-flat pages and non-warping: Photos are mounted with a barely noticeable gap of 1/16 of an inch so pages lie flat when the book is opened.
  • Protective pillowcase: Every book is delivered in a soft cover made from the finest quality material to protect your precious heirloom from damage.
  • Leather Covers: Choose from 4 different types of leather – Standard, Glove, Distressed or Napa in a wide variety of colors to set just the right tone.
  • Cameo Covers: The books are set apart with a front cover cameo highlighting a favorite image that is recessed into the leather cover.
  • Cover Stamping: The final quality touches are applied by personalizing the cover with an imprint of the names and date of the special occasion.
  • Other Unique Products:

    In addition to the items above, Eyecatch Design Services can create a variety of unique products just for you. As a complete design, photography and marketing firm in Dallas, Texas, Eyecatch Design Services will work with you to customize programs, birth announcements, brochures, invitations and more. You can choose a motif to be included on everything from your sign-in book to your thank-you notes! Let our Dallas photographers and graphic artists know what you’re looking for, and we can work together
    to create something that will far exceed your expectations. To see a select variety of just
    a few of our custom designed products click here.