About Us

Eyecatch Design Services’ founder Doug Layton has over thirty years of photography experience and a degree in photojournalism from the University of Texas at Austin. For fifteen years Doug worked as a photojournalist in North Dallas, enjoying extraordinary success and receiving numerous awards for his work and advancements in the fields of photography and graphic design. After leaving the newspaper industry, Doug became Art Director at Cinemark USA, Inc., one of the largest theater chains in the world, where he polished his artistic and creative skills while working to master his craft in graphic design, website design and photography in Dallas, Texas.

Doug Layton and his wife, Susan Layton, have photographed countless Dallas weddings and Dallas portraits, including engagements, bridal portraits, family portraits, maternity sessions, new baby portraits, family reunions, and more. Their love of family and the belief that theirs is a God-given ministry — not just a job — has enabled them to get to know their clients as well and to capture their events from an intimate,
personal angle.

Our Philosophy

Striving for “pain-free photography,” Eyecatch Design Services maintains flexibility and will work with whatever situation is encountered. They blend into the woodwork to capture the little things that make the event more memorable. These Dallas wedding photographers are also willing to step in to entertain fussy children, hold babies, sew on missing buttons, or do whatever is necessary to make the wedding day perfect.

Instead of coercing unnatural smiles in a stuffy studio, our photographers prefer to work in more comfortable, relaxed settings, coaching their subjects to achieve the perfect shot while still being natural. They believe that every photograph should represent a person’s unique personality and tell a story, even when the picture is posed. This is, in essence, Doug’s philosophy. He combines his roots as a photojournalist with his experience in family photography to achieve a unique style, making every picture a treasured memory and an artistic masterpiece. So book your next session with these amazing Dallas Wedding Photographers. You will not be disappointed!