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Lance & Jennifer Robinson Slideshow

I love this slideshow! It is one of my favorite wedding slideshows so far.

Wet Weather Woes

Here’s a wet weather photography tip for our loyal Facebook Likers and Blog Lurkers.

Last week, Susan and I were shooting a wedding in Allen. Everything was going fine until we went outside to shoot some photos of our bride and groom in the beautiful surroundings around the church. Well, when your shooting in an air-conditioned building and then walk outside into a hot and humid climate, the lens fogs up (nice for that dreamy look if that is what you are going for) and you can’t see anything for a while. The only solution I had at the time was to keep wiping my lens and viewfinder until my equipment acclimated to the new climate.

So I thought “What would I have done differently if I had the time?” The best thing to do is put the camera and lens in your bag (while still indoors), and then put the bag outside for awhile so that the temperature equalizes slowly. But, I don’t always have time, in which case I just go outside, let it fog up, and after a few minutes, I wipe the lens and viewfinder dry.

There isn’t a whole lot you can do about the condensation and you can’t keep Mother Nature from doing her thing. I don’t think that small amounts of humidity will cause problems, but large amounts inside the camera can’t be a good thing.

Your best solution is to keep the camera in your bag at all times and let it warm up gradually like previously suggested. When you don’t have time though, the only approach is to wait and wipe.

In short, this humid Texas weather can bite. But sometimes, like in the rainbow photo in our previous post, you can get lucky. Between the waves of showers coming through North Texas, we had a few minutes at the rehearsal that we could shoot outside. And, VOILA… we got the shot!
So, you say…”What is he getting at?” Well, I’m not really sure, my experience has been to just keep on shooting. Cover your camera up the best you can if it is pouring down rain and if it means getting a great shot, take your chances.

Lance & Jennifer Robinson Wedding

I knew that Lance and Jennifer’s wedding was going to be one to remember when I shot the two of them standing under a beautiful rainbow on the evening of their rehearsal dinner. It only got better as Susan and I covered their wedding at the Creekwood United Methodist Church in Allen and reception at the wedding venue Reflections on Spring Creek in Plano. The DJ, Justin Williams of Intelligent Lights & Sound, did an excellent job of keeping the party going as guests danced the night away. With the support of their family and friends, the day was filled with love and happiness!

Trent & Nancy Slideshow

I have just spent the most delightful two hours looking at all of the pictures. You are true artists, and you shoot from your hearts. You captured everything I missed, and got some of the exact photos I had planned to tell you I wanted, but got too busy to tell you. Thank you for making the day perfect for me. I could not be more pleased.

Connie Arnold

Here is a DVD Slideshow that we created for Trent and Nancy. This intimate small town wedding that was followed by a reception with friends and family was a joy to cover.

Victoria and Cassie Engagement Session

In our quest for the perfect ferris wheel photo, we joined our couple Victoria and Cassie recently at Fair Park in downtown Dallas for their engagement session. We have lots great shots to choose from, but I just couldn’t help posting one of my favorites.